When does the first semester begin?

Classes begin the day after Labor Day in September.

What is the daily class schedule?

Classes are held Monday through Friday.  Students arrive on campus between 8-8:30 am to set up for daily production.  Lecture begins promptly at 9am and class ends at 3pm.  There are several extended day requirements throughout the year, for which dates are provided in advance.

What is the size of a class?

The maximum number of students per class is 18.  The teacher/student ratio is 1:9.

Do students join the program once a class has started?

No.  Once a class has started no further enrollment for that class is accepted.

How many students complete the program?

Currently an average of 100% successfully complete the entire program.

When does the first semester begin?

Classes begin the day after Labor Day in September

Are there any student loans available?

Yes. The Napa Valley Cooking School is approved for Federal Student Financial Aid Programs.  Please contact Patti Morgan at 1-707-253-3029 for more information. Private student loans are also available through PLATO, EquiCredit Web site http://www.plato.org     EquiCredit 1-800-305-5109

Are externships paid?

This is dependant on the location in which the externship takes place.  We recommend that all externships be paid as these externships are of sufficient length for a student to become a productive and valued member of a restaurant’s staff.  However, some students may opt to accept a position without pay if it is a high profile business that may provide future opportunity in the industry. 

Is there student housing available?

The Napa Valley Cooking School does not provide student housing. We can provide information and assist students on locating rental properties available in the area. Please call 707-967-2910 to speak with someone about suggested housing options.

Is employment available while in school?

Yes. Through our networks of local establishments, full or part-time positions are available in some of the valley’s finest restaurants.  Many recommendations and contacts can be supplied. 

What is the attendance / performance policy of the School?

Any student missing 20% or more of any course will receive an “F” for that course. In order to qualify for enrollment in the second semester, a student must have a first semester grade point average of 60% “D”,. or higher. To qualify for externship, students must have a combined first/second semester grade point average of 70% “C” or higher. In order to graduate, a student must successfully complete his/her externship.

Can a course be retaken?


Is prior cooking experience necessary?

No--prior cooking experience is not necessary.

Is the School accredited?

The Napa Valley Cooking School is a unit of Napa Valley College which is accredited by the Western Association of Colleges and Schools.  The Napa Valley Cooking School is by design, however, a not-for-credit intensive training program that focuses more on hands-on cooking skills than academics.  The diploma earned upon completion carries no academic credit and is not transferable to any other degree or certificate, but does certify a high degree of professional skill which has enabled our graduates to move into entry level positional with well respected fine restaurants.

What is the employment rate of graduates?

The current rate of active full time employment for graduates is 98%.


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