Introduction: Napa Valley College Mission Statement

​Chapter One​: Policies

  • Board Policy
  • Academic Senate Policy

Chapter Two: Roles and Responsibilities of Committee Members

Chapter Three: The Curriculum Approval Process

  • Committee Timelines
  • Credit Course Approval Process
  • Credit Program Approval Process
  • Non-Credit Course Approval Process

Chapter Four: Standards and Criteria

  • Degree Credit Courses
  • Non-Degree Credit Courses
  • Degree Programs and Certificates
  • Non-Credit Courses

Chapter Five: The Course Outline of Record

  • The Purpose of the Course Outline of Record
  • Course Double-Coding
  • Course Discipline Assignment
  • Components of the Credit Course Outline of Record

Chapter Six: Writing Instructions

  • Using WebCMS
  • Instructions for Writing All Components of the COR
  • Instructions for Supplementary Forms
  • Instructions for Special Topics Courses
  • Insructions for Credit Program Forms

Chapter Seven: General Education Requirements

  • NVC General Education
  • CSU General Education

Chapter Eight: Forms and Resources

      • Blooms Taxonomy
      • Unit/Hour Formulas
      • Course Numbering System
      • Resources from the State Academic Senate and System Office
      • CTE Program Proposal Forms and Processes
      • SAM Code Definitions
      • Model Course Outlines of Record

Chapter Nine: Board of Governors Disciplines List

  • Disciplines Requiring a Master's Degree
  • Disciplines Not Requiring a Master's Degree