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Courses Offered Online

Napa Valley College offers two forms of online classes.  Courses in the schedule as "online" meet exclusively online and do not require students to attend any class meetings on campus.  "Hybrid" classes meet both online and on campus.  Hybrid classes require students to meet one or more times on campus.  All available online and hybrid classes are listed in the college schedule.   You can review the current class schedule by clicking here.  You can also search for only online classes in WebAdvisor as follows:
  1. Click here to access WebAdvisor.
  2. Select the "term," or semester, you are interested in.
  3. Click on the drop down menu under "location" and select "online" or "hybrid."

This will provide you the most current information about online classes including those classes that start later in the semester.

Remember, look carefully in the schedule to see when you online course begins.  Many online classes are "short term" or "late start" and do not begin until 2 to 6 weeks after the regular semester begins. Most online classes do not require an orientation meeting and students are expected to log in and start the course on time.  If you are unsure of when your class begins, contact the Office of Admission and Records.

The following is a list of courses offered entirely online or in a hybrid format.



ACCT-125 Financial Accounting
ACCT-126 Managerial Accounting
ACCT-127 Computer Accounting 

Administration of Justice

ADMJ-120 Introduction To the Administration of Justice
ADMJ-121 Introduction To Criminal Law

ADMJ-122 Introduction To Criminal Procedures

ADMJ-123 Introduction To Community Policing

ADMJ-125 Introduction To Evidence


ANTH-121 Intro To Cultural Anthropology
ANTH-150 Sex And Gender In Cross-Cultural Anthropology


DART-130 Digital Imaging 1
DART-140 Drawing and Typography
DART-150 Publication and Layout Design


BIOL-112 Environmental Studies


BUSI-100 Introduction To Business
BUSI-103 Legal Environment of Business

BUSI-105 Business Communications

BUSI-142 Principles Of Management

BUSI-185 Business English
BUSI-242 Fundamentals of FInance
BUSI-251 Marketing

BUSI-297 Personal Money Management

BUSI-90A Business Math Part 1

BUSI-90B Business Math Part 2

BUSI-90C Business Math Part 3

Child Family Studies

CFS-120 Child Development
CFS-145 Language Development and Early Literacty

CFS-250 The Mentor Teacher

Computer Studies

CISA-100 Orientation For The Successful Online Student
CISA-110 Introduction To Micro-Computers

CISA-165 Spreadsheets

CISA-167 Introduction To Excel For Business Prof

CISA-168 Adv Microsoft Excel For Business Prof

CISA-183 Creating Web Pages With Dream Weaver

CISA-186 Beginning Word Processing (Word 2007)

CISA-284 Advanced Word Processing (Word 2007)

CISA-298 Selected Topics In Computer Studies

Criminal Justice Training Center

CJT-85 Academy Preparation Course
CJT-302 Hate Crimes Investigations


ECON-100 Economics 1
ECON-101 Economics 2


ENGL-105 College Learning Strategies
ENGL-120 Reading And Comprehension 1

ENGL-85 Basic Skills

ENGL-90 Prep For College Reading And Writing 1

Physical Education 

HELH-106 Personal And Community Health

Health Occupations 

HEOC-100 Basic Anatomy And Physiology
HEOC-101 Pharmacology
HEOC-171 Medical Terminology
HEOC-172 Nutrition
HEOC-298 Advanced Placement Bridge


LRNS-50 Basic Mathematics
MATH-10 Basic Math

MATH-90 Beginning Algebra

MATH-94 Intermediate Algebra

MATH-232 Statistics


NURS-143 Nurse Health Alt II
NURS-144 Mental Health Nursing

NURS-246 Nursing Health Alt III

NURS-247 Maternity And Newborn Nursing

NURS-249 Nursing Health Alt IV

NURS-250 Nursing Preceptor
NURS-298 Paramedic to Nursing Bridge


PHOT-120 Introduction To Photography

Political Science

POLI-121 - Introduction to American Government
POLI-130 - State and Local Government


PSYC-120 General Psychology
PSYC-123 Social Psychology
PSYC-125 Human Development

Respiratory Therapy 

RESP-120 Respiratory Care Theory 1
RESP-130 Respiratory Care Lab 1
RESP-140 Preparation For Clinical
RESP-150 Respiratory Care Theory 2
RESP-160 Respiratory Care Pharmacology
RESP-170 Respiratory Care Clinic 1
RESP-180 Respiratory Care Lab 2
RESP-200 Respiratory Care Theory 3
RESP-210 Principals/Applications of Mech Vent
RESP-211 Mechanical Ventilation Lab
RESP-220 Neonatal Pediatric
RESP-230 Respiratory Care Topics 1
RESP-250 Respiratory Care Clinic 4
RESP-260 Respiratory Care Theory 4
RESP-270 Advanced Respiratory Care
RESP-280 Respiratory Care Topics 2
RESP-290B Computer Simulation in Respiratory Care
RESP-291 Respiratory Care Clinic 7

Social Science 

SOCI-120 Introduction To Sociology
SOCI-122 Social Problems
SOCI-123 Social Psychology


SPAN-120 First Semester Spanish

Work Experience

WOEX-190 Work Experience Seminar
WOEX-191 General Work Experience
WOEX-193 Vocational Work Experience

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