Office of Instruction

Welcome to the Office of Instruction

We believe in and support the Napa Valley College Mission, Vision, and Values. The purpose of the Office of Instruction is to 1) provide support and services to faculty to enable them to excel in the classroom, 2) administer programs and services to enhance student success, and 3) provide leadership to encourage high quality programs and services that promote learning.

Please let us know how our face-to-face services can best provide you with information and support. We're interested in hearing from you.

Dr. Terry Giugni
Vice President, Instruction  






Office Hours:




Administration Building 1500
Room 1531
Main Line: (707) 256-7150


Dr. Terry Giugni
Vice President, Instruction
(707) 256-7155 

Faye Smyle 
Dean, Instruction
(707) 256-7156

Christina Rivera
Administrative Assistant to the VPI
(707) 256-7154

Cari Roughley
Secretary III to the VPI
(707) 256-7153

Vicki Tevlin
Secretary III to the Dean
(707) 256-7157 

Cristine Vasquez
Scheduling Department
Credit Program Developer
(707) 256-7151

Kalen Brinkman
Scheduling Department
Credit Program Technician
(707) 256-7152