Current and New Students

For students who have been accepted, conditionally accepted, or on the wait list, please read further to prepare yourself for the first day of class.

The Vocational Nursing Program begins a new class in the Spring semester every 2 years.   The 2015 class will begin January 8, 2015 at 0700 promptly in the HEOC skills lab.  You might want to bring your lunch as the cafeteria is not open for two weeks after we start.  Remember to bring your receipt for proof of payment for your lab kit to the first day of class. 


For those who have been approved, REGISTER FOR NURS 131 either online or in person at Admissions and Records on the Main Campus.

Background Checks

Be sure you have started the process before the start of class.  No need to send me a copy---I automatically get an email report.  The  application process involves the following:

1.  log on to

2.  Click "start here"

3.  Enter promotional code:  NAPAJA and then click "go"

4.  Complete the application on line, have a credit card ready to process payment, then click “submit". 

You will get an electronic receipt and confirmation code. 

CPR, Immunizations, Physical Exam, etc., click here:   Immunization Info and Physical Form 2014.pdf

Books:  will be available in the bookstore as discussed in the meeting.  Please call to see if they are in before you make the trip.  You are looking for the "VNX Book Box".  The Student Handbook and Syllabus can be purchased in the Bookstore as of the second week of December 2014.  Bring your books with you on the first day of class---along with a pen and a notepad!!

Nursing supplies:  stethoscopes, bandage scissors, and a penlight are required parts of your uniform.  Do not purchase these yet---we will talk about the best options for you the first day of class.

Uniforms:  are available on line at  Click "ordering" and follow directions for students.  The school code is : NAPA.  You will need at least one uniform top and pant (or dress for women if interested) and a patch to start.  We recommend at least two full uniforms as you are in clinical two days in a row and we expect a fresh uniform each day.  We will have samples for you to try on for size during the first week of class.  Uniforms will be needed the beginning of March.  Please wear street clothes to lecture.

ID Badges:  we will arrange your having photos taken and badges made once we start class.  There is a cost of about $20.00 for this service.    

Calendar:  Will be provided the first day of class.  For the first few months plan on class Thursdays and Fridays from 0700 - 1600.  All students will rotate through evenings once we start clinical rotations, so think ahead if childcare, eldercare, etc. are potential issues.


**If you have questions that cannot wait until January 10, please email me at