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Business and Computer Studies

Welcome to the BCS Division

Dean of Career Technical Education (Business & Computer Studies)
Greg Miraglia
(707) 256-7710
1007 (1000 bldg. ground floor/CJT)

Division Secretary
Stacy Hitchcock
(707) 256-7703
1003B (1000 bldg. ground floor/CJT)

Full-Time Faculty

Vacant due to retirement, please contact Greg Miraglia, CTE Dean (contact info above). Congratulations to Dave Angelovich, who retired at the end of May 2016!

Julie Hall 
(707) 256-7762
1031O (Faculty Offices)

Business Administration Program Coordinator
Instructor of Business Courses
Faculty Web Page
Questions about Business A.S. Degrees & Entrepreneurial Certificates.

Merrick McKeig
Hospitality & Tourism Management Project Coordinator
(707) 256-7497
873 (3rd Floor, 800 bldg.)
Instructor of Hospitality Courses
Faculty Web Page

Robert Miller
(707) 256-7755
1031H (Faculty Offices)

Computer Studies Program Coordinator 
Instructor of Computer Studies
Faculty Web Page
Questions about COMS certificates, CISA certificates, and Office Admin. certificates

Adjunct Faculty

Cathy Balach-BUSI

Scott Butler-ACCT

Robert Derbin-BUSI

Jason Diaz-BUSI

Jeremy Ecklin-BUSI

Valerie Exum-CISA

Fayez El Giheny-ACCT

Harvey Gullickson-BUSI

Charles Gravett-BUSI

Jeanine Hawk-BUSI

Janice Klemz-CISA/COMS

Zenia Laxa-COMS/CISA

LaDawn Meade-CISA/COMS

Suzanne Murphy-CISA

Rafael Rey-ACCT

Claudette Shatto-BUSI

Slayton-Amey, LaVonne-BUSI/CISA

Lisa Snedeker-CISA