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The Board of Trustees has been entrusted with the responsibility of protecting and developing one of the greatest resources a community can have - access to higher education for its residents and their families.  It is our hope and belief that students educated at Napa Valley College will lead enriched personal and professional lives and that they will, in turn, make their unique contribution to this community and to the world in which we live.

Please email or call the President's Office at 707-256-7160  to contact the trustees.

Napa Valley College Board of Trustees

 Dan Digardi

Bruce Ketron 

Ms. Mary Ann Mancuso

 District 1

Mr. Dan Digardi

 Vice President 

 District 2

Mr. Bruce Ketron 

Board Chair


District 3

 Ms. Mary Ann Mancuso






Bill Blair

Michael Baldini

JoAnn Busenbark

District 4

Mr. Bill Blair


District 5

Mr. Michael Baldini


Distict 6

Ms. JoAnn Busenbark







Alex Shantz, Student Trustee


District 7

Mr. Rafael Rios

Student Trustee

Mr. Alex Shantz









By state law, the Napa Valley Community College district is under the control of a Board of Trustees composed of seven community members. Elected from within established areas of the district, trustees serve four-year terms.  Students are represented by a student trustee, who is selected yearly as part of the ASB elections.  The Board meets at least once a month, and agendas are posted in accordance with open meeting law.