In 2002 the voters of Napa County approved Measure N, a bond measure that would bring $ 133.8 million in bond funding to Napa Valley College over the next 12 years.

Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee (updated 3/19/12)

  1. Student active in college support group: Audrey Amundsen
  2. Active in a business organization in the district:  Bill Lockhart
  3. Active in a senior citizens’ organization:  Rick Whatley
  4. Active in a bona-fide taxpayers association or homeowner’s association:  Jason Luros
  5. Active in a support organization for the college:  Brian Kearney
  6. Community-at-large:  Phil Box

Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Bylaws (revised Jan 2009)

Facilities Bond Implementation Plan

Oversight Committee Annual Report April 2010 to March 2011-- Measure N Citizens' Oversight Committee Annual Report

Oversight Committee Final Report April 2011 to June 2013 - Measure N Citizens' Oversight Committee Annual Report

2010/2011 Annual Financial Audit 

2009/2010 Annual Performance Audit

2009-2010 Annual Financial Audit


Links to copies of Meeting Minutes


For questons, comments, or concerns, please contact Carollee Cattolica in the Office of the President at          707-256-7160 or .